Nubians Total population (1.7 million speakers of Nubian languages (SIL estimate as of 1996)) Regions with significant populations


Languages Nubian (Dongolawi, Kenzi, Nobiin), Nubi, Arabic (Sudanese Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Sa'idi Arabic) Religion Predominantly Islam The term Nubian describes an ethnic group that originated in modern-day Sudan and Egypt. Today, people of Nubian descent primarily live in Sudan, and inhabit the region between Wadi Halfa in the north and Al Dabbah in the south. The main Nubian groups from north to south are the Halfaweyen, Sikut, Mahas, and Dongola. They speak a variety of Nilo-Saharan languages in the Nubian language family. Nubian people have a long history dating back to dynastic Egypt, and Nubians even founded a dynasty that ruled upper and lower Egypt during the 8th century BCE.[1] Ancient Nubians were famous for their skill and precision with the bow.[2]

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