Chief KamakaziEdit

Kamakazi Bai has gotten old and aged Kamakazi is the chief of Temne tribe and very wealthy,in the year of 1505A.D. chief Kamakazi took a flask of oil and poured it on his son head and kissed him and said "Has not the Lord announced you to be King over his Temne People.

Around this time, Temne People lived in the wilderness of present day West Africa in huts. They dressed in white powder all around them, and tribal underwear. Chief Kamakazi,Bai's father was white man from London, England, and his mother was full Temne with a rich and wealthy family, with 30,000 sheep, 8,000 cattle, and 3,000 horses .Kamakazi was a creole. Koya Bai has told her son he shall reign over the people of Temne and save them from there surrounding enemies.Koya,Bai is a Indian girl from India Koya tribe and is King Niger mother she has one son and three daughters with beautiful long hair,Koya,Bai daughters married off to the surrounding kingdoms Having,Diklah,and Hadoram. Chief Kamakazi sent King Niger to the prophet Simeon to make burnt offerings to the gods in the Tabernacle.King Niger was the first King over the Temne People he wanted to rule all the lands they dwell in,King Niger gave an announcement he named the new Kingdom after his mother Koya. King Niger,Bai appointed judges,officers and commanders of the Kingdom of Koya,the Temne People discovers ironworks to building castles using stone blocks forging swords and siege works and fighting stance training in the Temne arts.

The Portuguese had arrived in ships with Christian missionaries. The Kingdom of Koya traded with the Portuguese; they built castles, they named the land Grand Cape Mount and the Lake Piso. King Niger welcomed them to his capital, Commonwealth City. The tribes in the surrounding area elders came together chief's of over 12 tribes and the were appointed as Bai's rulers of castles the Portuguese helped King Niger build the Portuguese called these people negros and they taught Christianity.

King Niger had just finished building the pyramid of his gods Naimbanna the god of water,Gomorrah the god of fire,Solomon the god of thunder,Kurumasaba the god of earth.

The capital of the Kingdom of Koya Commonwealth city was glorious a beautiful built city King Niger trained ninjas,warriors to go on a campaign to conquer the other ends of the ocean to build a Empire. Kamikaze Bai walked in on King Niger outside meditating with his ninjas King Niger said "hello father I will conquer over kings and empires very soon I'm leaving to do so we are moving east towards Hezekiah then central Africa then Nubia to claim my queen after I conquer her people, King Niger went to call an assembly with the Bai's of the Kingdom of Koya and has been announced as emperor over Havilah kingdom,Diklah Kingdom,and Hasoram kingdom King Niger was siting on his throne when Jesse the Portuguese high priest walked up saying,

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